Five down, Five to go…

Fun Fact: I actually sleep at night (even if its only 2 hours a night, something is better than nothing.)

sleepy emoji
sleepy emoji

In career planning our goal today was to look into how to optimize our productivity. And at least for me, productivity isn’t usually an issue. Its really the part of staying productive that kind of works against me. Leila had us watch some really powerful videos that showed people over coming their odds and being what they wanted to in life. The message behind the videos we say was that there isn’t anything that we can’t do if we stay motivated.

Functions, Objects and Arrays.

Three words that have caused me more pain and heartache than any other ones when it comes to coding. I first encountered these in my Javascript class. Then my PHP and back- end WordPress class took things to a different level. My biggest issue with these terms, I can define them, or what they do, but I have used them before in creating projects. So  I have the information stored in my brain somewhere I just need to figure out where to put in on the screen.

Lets see if Mr. Shiftman can help me with this one.

We’ll start with Functions.


So esstionally, everything in you see in the display is done with a functions. When you call a variable or display

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