Weekend Workout

Fun Fact: Despite making it home last night, didn’t get any sleep. This is where you find out whether your a real coder or not.

I believe that Professor D may have been reading my mind and felt the lack of sleep come off of my body. She blessed us with the rest of the class day to finish the assessment from last night.

System Variables

Demonstrates system variables. 
 By Dawn C. Hayes October, 2017

void setup() {
 size(600, 400);
 //canvas size

void draw() {
 //fills canvas color
 ellipse(20, 75, 35, 85);
 //prints line towards left side with undefined height
 ellipse(69, 45, 20, 20);
 //circle prints towards top left side
 ellipse(85, 100, 35, 15);
 //rectangle prints at top right with undefined width 


Defined Variables


Operators and Assignments

your code here


System Functions

your code here


Interaction Events

your code here


Interaction Events Follow

your code here


If Conditional

your code here


If Else Conditional

your code here


Else If Conditional

your code here


Boolean Variables Global

your code here


For and While Loop

your code here



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