Good News!!!

What a way to start the week.

I can say that last week was, to say the least, challenging. I had a lot to deal with and my main thing was to push to the end. I wanted to end the week being able to say that I didn’t give up.

And boy did it pay off!

B-Tech Degree
B-Tech Degree

I was able to pick up my degree on Monday from my college! It was a breath of fresh air when I got the email that it was ready and that I could come get it from the office. I worked my butt off for my college degree after starting out my college career on rocky terms. I got my Bachelors’ of Technology in Communications Design and I’m so proud to tell that to anyone who will listen.

Maybe 2 hours after picking up my degree, I also received the notification that made it into the TechHire Cohort!

Open Code
Open Code

That will probably always be my favorite email from Leila (but I like all of the emails Leila sends).

Honestly, in that moment when I was looking at the acceptance email and holding my degree in my hand, I felt motived and energized. I felt like I was ready to put in the work to do anything and see what the results would be.

Feels like I’m ready for anything.

My dinner
My sister took me out to celebrate the day!

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