Career Planning Assignment 2


Something that motives me is my need to succeed. I have wanted to do this because this is apart the plan I have for myself. I’ve wanted to have the career of my choice for as long as I can remember. I spent the last few years of my life trying everything I can to make sure I that get everything in life that I want.  In the last few months, I’ve reflected on my life and things that I have or haven’t done. I want to be able to say that I did everything that  could to make myself happy. I’m a happiest when I work hard and see the results. I am happiest when I make a difference in someone’s day who I’ve helped.


This is my favorite quote of all time.

When I look at it, I know that the real test is to keep going because you can not get stuck. There is no point of fear and no point of worry if on the other side there is an action.

Some of the resources that I will use to in act my plan to succeed. I will definitely make connections again with everyone that I met in this vestibule. I plan to meet with at least Jessica, Asher, Mohammed, Richard, Danny, and David. I also have the online resources that we shared in the Slack message board. I plan to use my professors, both past and present, in order to seek that right guidance for what my path should look like in order to solve my problems.

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