Career Planning Assignment 1

Our career planning course for this program is teaching us the steps that we need to take to create our own personalized goal in soft development. The step that we took was a personality trait assessment. With this assessment, I was given the results of being conventional, social, and artistic. I would have to strongly agree with the results of this assessment since I believe that I would use these traits to describe myself as well. My top industry match was education and training which really wasn’t surprising either. This is something that I’m surrounded by in both my personal and professional life. During Day 2 of the course, we went in depth as to what it means to be a software developer. While I didn’t know that there were so many different types of developers, I was always sure that I wanted to be a front-end developer. Coming from and wanting to stay in a design background, front-end developing is where I want to be. I will say that with learning everything in class I am more interested in Full-stack development as well.



My heart is in design. My career goal is to find something that allows me to design and develop at the same time. Positions that I’m looking into for my career path would include web designer, website front-end developer, web application designer/developer (UX/UI), and Interaction designer. As far as working for a company, I would like to work with companies that are established but have a growing section in web and development. Even though I’m not sure as far as working, I also would like to look into working for a start-up company.

Jobs Postings Research

Front-End Developer – MediaFuse

Interactive Designer – Dropbox

Digital and Web Designer/Front-End Developer – AECOM

For all the jobs that I posted, I see that I have a majority of the skills they require. However, I would be missing some important parts. The biggest requirement that I was missing was the years of experience. Due to my years in college, I spent getting my degree, I don’t have the years to match many requirements.



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