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Create a post that tells us a little about yourself and about your motivation for pursing web development career training with us and Software Guild’s Java offering.


Hi my name is Kellie and  I am currently residing in the city that has my heart.


I started my academic journey at the tender age of two years old (so I was really small and really cute). Thanks to my older sister’s need to show of the new baby in her life, I began the long, exciting road to discovering who I am and how I learn. I have spent all of my life in school and I have spent majority of that time creating. While I was connected to my regular subject work, I came alive when I was able to create.

My mother always told me, “Be whatever it is that makes you happy” and I have always tried to follow that advice as I navigate my career and future plans.


I spent my high school years at Fashion Industries learning fashion design and forming my ideal apparel projects.

Here I fell in love with the process of creating something and bringing it to life (even if I didn’t fall for the fashion industry in the same way). This led me to spend my college years as a graphic designer and illustrator.

brand_guideDuring that time, I learned that my love for the process of creating helped produced projects and final pieces that, once completed, even blew me away. From figure drawings and watercolor paintings to branding guides and ad campaigns, I found myself not just questioning what it was I could do, but also diving in and wanting to see it as well.

These last two years in college I focused on designing for the web. Being able to love the process of designing, I wanted to explore all of the parts that make it up.


Web design was nothing like what I had experienced before.

It took the same amount of time and effort to create a working visual design, but I had to now merge the technical aspect of putting up a website and coding was something that was pretty much all new to me.


I got my first real experience with coding in the last few semesters of college (I say real because I remember looking at my first line of code in class and recognizing it from the days of Myspace and customizing your profile pages). It was stressful, scary and beautiful all at the same time. Here I was writing in this language to speak with my computer and then have my computer respond back to me with my visual idea and design. 

Web development has become a major aspect of my life since then. I have learned multiple coding languages (HTML, CSS and Javascript) and found more areas of design (like UX/UI) that I find interesting. Development provides for me the ultimate aspect of working hard and falling in love with the process. In the few short years that I’ve been learning to code, I’m always confronted with new information and feel excited to understand and integrate it with my work.  For the days when I would find myself frustrated and stressed by my lack of understanding, I counter it with the moments of joy and elation when I finally see the product that I have created. I want to train with TechIMPACT and Software Guild to learn to better communicate the visual products that I create and in doing so learn a better way to communicate with others.


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